The Beauty Of Dating A Younger Guy: A True Story

Ditch the ‘cougar tag!’ It is the high time that older women dating younger men are no longer regarded as a taboo. It was a few months ago at a friend’s party when I slept with a younger man for the first time. That night, I thought he was my age, only to find out after a few days later he was seven years younger than I am.

At first, I was worried about my appearances despite the reassurance from my male friends that older women are hot. Dating young Ted was the best relationship decision I have made in a long time. Dating young has many benefits, such as:

There is less pressure on your relationship
The older one gets, the more the pressure one feels when starting a new relationship. The coffee dates, beach time, cooking dinner together – this is great! There is this part of dating where you do loads of dirty things together while drunk. These kinds of things can only be done if you are comfortable around your partner. For most adult couples, comfort is a thing of the past. They want to be seen as the perfect couple. Well, this is not the case if you are with a younger guy. You get to take tons of shots without receiving the stink eye from friends. In turn, there is less pressure on being a ‘couple’ immediately. In my experiences, any relationship where I get to be myself 24/7 tends to last for a very long time.

This seems quite evident. Cliché or not, dating younger men keeps you young. With the great muscles and the upsurge of hormones like those of a teenager, Ted and I barely did anything else apart from having sex!

You can try new things and not feel dumb
When Ted suggested for the first time that we should try bondage sex, I was not sure whether to say yes, but I agreed anyway. After purchasing a pair of handcuffs from the Halloween store and four hours later, Ted and I were enjoying the moment. After the handcuffs experience, I realized that younger partners are more open than age-mates. Dan Savage, a well-known sex therapist, believes that the best sex comes when partners are generous, kind, and open to anything. Even though Ted had less experience than I did, he did not shy away from it. Instead, he was ready to try out new stuff. As for me, since there was no bar set by his former girlfriends, I was able to let go and flow with the stream of new experiences.

You are highly respected
Well, a red carpet is not what I want. However, I have always had issues with my former boyfriends who kept me at the backburner, waiting for the next big thing. Such is not the case for a younger date. You do not feel childish around them. Thus you are more confident and consequently, they respect you more. In such relationships, you do not experience 50% of the fights in a normal relationship.

If you are still wondering whether to go for a younger guy, you now know what to expect. Do not be held back by taboos and myths, go for it!

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