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Well, we all know that sex is a strong word, and we can’t get just topic to it with anyone we like. Some people find it rude and might correct us in discussing it. It was just recently when I start sharing to my mom on what happened to my life. Since before I am not close to her because she is far away. She works in another country and sends me money for my needs. We are a beautiful family back then when we are still living together under one roof. When everything seems so perfect and goes well, when I was a kid, I used to tell my parents what I am up to in life, how my days in school and who are my new friends. I am very open to mom; she is my best friend and the only person I trust. I told her all the bullies and how pain I am. I don’t have anything to hide from her, in all my crushes and my achievements and losses in life. But when I am in my teens, my mom has to fly to London to work for me. My dad cheated on my mom, and we found it. We saw how dad is having fun with his woman and go home as nothing happens. It was a bit hard for me to adjust, their divorce did affect my life. When my dad lefts, our home becomes sad and lonely. My dad stops supporting us and starts to go through a difficult life. When my mom decided to go to London to work, I tried to stop her, but she didn’t let me. She still goes there because she keeps reminiscing about all the memories together in the house. I feel like everyone just left me, I am depressed and spent many sleepless nights thinking about my life before. I learn to go on my own; sometimes my mom can’t call me because she is so busy in a day. I feel so alone and finds comfort in friends. I grow without parents in my side, I go to a party, drunk all night and still go to school. Even though I am a black sheep, I never abandon my studies. I still want to continue, but I want to be happy. I met different boys, sometimes we go for a drink and had sex. Both of us will be awkward in the morning and won’t talk again. They are my happiness before; it was like I forgot my worth as a woman and had sex with different guys. Perhaps I can’t count in my hand how many men have passed to me. After graduation, I go to London and stay with my mom. She became so emotional and proud that I finally finish college. We talk about many things as well as how my life in the past. I told her that I am not a virgin anymore and been with many guys. I find comfortable talking to her since she never judges be somewhat comforted me. I am now happy and having a healthy life with my mom and as a Bromley escorts of

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